MMJ School Assemblies

Music Monkey Jungle School Assemblies are a tried and true celebration of music, movement and dance education. We’ll present Music Monkey Jungle original songs, dances and games that focus on rhythm recognition, rhythm reading, rhythm writing, melody, range, singing, tempo, dynamics, singing, body percussion for ultimate active participation, learning and fun. We’ll sing, dance, laugh, play, move, imagine, create and have a rockin’ good time!

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30 Minutes
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35 Minutes
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40 Minutes
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50 Minutes
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55 Minutes
$300 - 325
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rpt_recommended Based on our years of experience in event performances, this package is best for children preschool-early elementary aged and their attention spans. Prices are subject to change according to the number of people in attendance, driving distance, and travel time. On average, we book private gigs 6 weeks to 6 months in advance. For best chances of booking your first choice time and day please be in touch as soon as possible with as many details as possible.