About Lori


Hi everyone! My name is Lori Turner and I’m the head music monkey of Music Monkey Jungle. I’ve been singing, dancing, laughing, playing, moving, imagining, and creating for a s long as I can remember. Music has always been my thing. Piano lessons, mix tapes, Broadway shows, soundtracks, flute lessons, live concerts, band concerts, recitals, lip syncing, karaoke, marching band, playlists, guitar lessons, lyric writing, set lists, sound recording, CD production, performance, and teaching; you name it, I do it all and love it all.

I earned my undergrad in Music Education and my graduate degrees in Orff-Schulwerk, have extensive training in movement education, developmental psychology and cognitive development. I taught elementary general/vocal music and choir for 13 years, have 15 years of writing, teaching and performing original, topic appropriate songs for children and 8 years of recording and production experience.

Since 2010, Music Monkey Jungle has grown tremendously. I started out solo, performing in one location and I now have the honor of working with Jeremy, Travis, Anna, Eric, and Marci, five of the most talented music monkeys around, in 5 locations within the city.

I encourage you to join us for a live performance, find our videos on YouTube, and check out all 7 of our CDs. If you do, one thing is certain- we’ll sing, dance, laugh, play, move, imagine, and create!